What is the Consuel?

What is the Consuel?

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What is the Consuel?

The Consuel is a Non-profit organization created in 1964 which is responsible for giving certificates of conformity to electrical installations imposed by the safety prescriptions of the regulations in force. The association is accredited by the French Committee for Accreditation (COFRAC) and has been recognized as a public utility since 1998. To ensure better electrical safety, laws have evolved since its creation.

Thus, since 1972, all new electrical installation definitive connected to the public electricity distribution network must subscribe this Attestation of Conformity in order to be powered up. In 2001, a new decree extended this obligation to renovated facilities switched off by the distributor at the request of the owner. And finally, the decree of March 22, 2010 requires that all electricity production installations with a power of less than 250 kVA connected to the public electricity distribution network are subject to Consuel's certificate of conformity.

A legal obligation

You understood, the Consuel is a legal obligation to benefit from a connection to the electric meter of a new home or a renovation. This certificate is established by the electrician installer in person before being submitted to the Consuel in exchange for a contribution to the visit fees that will follow. Count a hundred euros.

Once the request has been completed by the person who carried out the work, the Consuel will come and check on the spot compliance of your installation and issue its favorable visa. If the latter detects some anomalies, you will have to redo corrective work and a counter-visit will confirm that they have been carried out. The visit is carried out through surveys and sampling with one goal: guarantee the safety of electrical installations.

Electrical safety first

The official website of the Consuel estimates about 4000, The number of people victims every year, of a electrical accident. An alarming observation all the more from the point of view of the news with the recent residential fires… When we know that a large part of housing in France, presents a anomaly in the electrical systems, this legal obligation seems to bode well. To fight against these accidents - sometimes fatal - around 220,000 interventions are carried out by the 200 inspectors of the Consuel.

Benefits that benefit everyone…

As we told you, the Consuel East recognized as being of public utility. This legal obligation has advantages for everyone! For the client as for the public authorities, it offers the best of electrical safety guarantees. It is also a means of controlling energy consumption and saving energy when the installation is found to be faulty. These are all elements that contribute to enhancing the work of installers.

What there is to know

If you use a electrical installer, he can take care of the procedures for you. In addition, the visit of the Consuel is not systematic. The declaration of conformity can be attributed by the installer who engages his responsibility with the organization. On the other hand, if you do the work yourself, the visit and the Consuel's certificate are compulsory. This is why we recommend that you call on experts if you are not an electricity specialist… Because if the Consuel discovers anomalies, you will have to take care of correcting them and you will also have to pay an additional visit ...