What is a green roof?

What is a green roof?

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Answer: Depending on the support capacity of your flat roof, your aesthetic desires and the climate resistance of the plants, you have several options for revegetation.

Flat or slightly inclined (30 °) terraced roofs with a solid frame, can accommodate earth carpets on which various rooted plants grow. This device, which brings freshness and esthetics, is a good complement for the insulation of the habitat. Plants adapted to the region and the climate are recommended for better resistance. Three types of planting are possible for roofs: the intensive are fruit trees installed in large tubs that can go up to 2 meters deep. The semi-extensive are less restrictive and often with automatic watering. Extensive plantations grow in tubs less than 15 centimeters deep and consist of plants that require little watering. Between the layer of planting soil and the frame, an intermediate layer is positioned to protect the wood against the risk of rotting (special tarpaulins, rot-proof wood tiles, etc.). You too, send us your brico question