Roommate decoration: instructions for use

Roommate decoration: instructions for use

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A true social phenomenon, colocation with friends or family implies changes in the way of designing the space and the decoration. Space is shared and styles mix, all in rooms where imagination and creativity are expressed. Colocation requires modifying uses and changing habits to optimize space and create an original mode of operation.

Optimize space

To communicate simply, set up a space in the entrance dedicated to letters and other everyday messages. So you can organize the week in peace. The wall can be used as a table on which are hung important messages, photos and words. Design tip: small personalized mailboxes can be set up to collect everyone's messages and letters. To store equipment and clothing while optimizing space, consider adequate storage. Save space by installing an expandable closet kit. Put next to each other and fixed with screws, these cupboards allow space to be decluttered. To store things discreetly, the high shelves are effective because they exploit the height. Provide a trunk in the entrance to encourage people to tidy up without disturbing. This system is practical and simple to facilitate everyday storage.

A decoration placed under the sign of the mixture of styles

The common room must reflect everyone's decorative universe. In these cases, choose a decoration between a mixture of genres and styles. Juxtapose in the same room pieces of furniture found by each member of the shared accommodation. Each roommate must bring their personal touch to the decoration. In addition, it is essential to determine the color that will naturally impose itself on the world of the living room. This common living space must reflect the personality of each one in a skilful mixture of styles and forms for a trendy decoration. Cohabitation with others is never really obvious but with an adapted and functional decoration, this system immediately becomes more pleasant.

Leave room for creativity in the bedroom

In your bedroom, let your personal creativity and colors speak for themselves. You can explore the style that suits you. To savor moments of tranquility in this room, bring your personal touch while giving an important place to relaxation and rest. A space dedicated to the office could be set up in this room. To keep its space isolated from noise, install a closet along the dividing walls to create a sound barrier. For your comfort, you can also replace the door with an acoustic model. You will be isolated from the rest of the house for a respected privacy.


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