The decor of children's toilets

The decor of children's toilets

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No need for large investments to decorate this essential little room! It is precisely for this reason that it is also the ideal piece for having fun creating a real universe 100% for children!

Give a theme to the piece

It will take you little to decline a theme: a well-chosen flap and some wall decorations such as stickers that offer a wide choice of subjects, will be enough to create the atmosphere. If you can also find a roll holder and a matching brush, this will be the icing on the cake! Some themes are really easy to set up and are sure values ​​that will appeal to your children every time. Among them, farm animals, the eternal duo of cat and mouse or even underwater decor.

Original objects

To constitute the desired universe, opt for a solid painting on the walls that recalls your theme: blue for the underwater atmosphere, green to remind the meadows around the farms ... Choose it especially in harmony with the object main decor of the toilet: the toilet seat! Today, no worries to find models that will amuse your children a lot: a drawing of a cow in a meadow, a flap with an original cutout that acts as cheese for the little mouse, a translucent flap and small fish that They will walk there… These will be the stickers that will give the final touch to your decor: a cat that watches for the mouse, small farm animals that roam everywhere, or even a big shark above the toilet bowl…


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