Words in teen decor

Words in teen decor

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For some time now, decoration has been playing with words… Taken one by one, the letters of the alphabet are so graphic that they act as full-fledged patterns; assembled in words, they deliver messages that the art of decoration likes to manipulate, arrange, coordinate… It is for these two main reasons that teens like to use words in their bedroom decor!

Urban atmospheres lend themselves to words

Teenagers love urban city atmospheres: in this trend, we find different themes which each declare words and words in their own way. This is the case, for example, of the "comics" decor which has fun carrying messages in the bubbles of comic book protagonists. This is also the case for the "street art" style decoration which plays with the declining words while graffiti. More simply, the words honor the names of big cities, London, New York, Paris ... Symbols of freedom, vitality and excess which identify teens. You will find them in stickers, in sections of wallpaper, on very decorative wall objects such as clocks for example and even on furniture, such as armchairs or stools!

The words of internet language

Very characteristic of the current virtual language among teenagers, acronyms like the very widespread "LOL" (laughing out loud, equivalent in French to "rire aux éclats" or lots of laughs, literally meaning "a lot of laughter") are spread in the decor of teens. In stickers or decoration of switches, they could not be more topical!


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