Streetlights illuminate our interiors

Streetlights illuminate our interiors

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The star of the show is undoubtedly the floor lamp. It is practical, decorative and adapts to all interior styles. Sometimes pop, classic, retro, zen or design, the floor lamp will go well with your furniture, and will bring an intimate touch to the atmosphere of your room.

Illustrious ancestors

The history of the lamp is marked by design icons. Arco, for example, has become a lighting classic, with its arched shape, its white marble base and its brushed steel globe. A must of the design drawn by Achille Castiglioni in 1962 (on sale on The Conran Shop). The famous Jieldé lamp created in 1950 was also available as a floor lamp.

Industrial style vs green decor

When it comes to materials, you will be spoiled for choice. On one side, you will find the metal models, design, in the recycled spirit, which stick to the industrial style: the light bulb for an offbeat touch (Maisons du Monde, 89 euros); the floor lamp inspired by the famous Anglepoise lamp from the 70s, ideal for reading (at Maisons du Monde at 89.90 euros). On the other, it is the spirit of nature that takes hold of the lamppost, with natural materials, such as driftwood, paper, cotton ... Big crush for the creations of Céline Wright, who makes handmade poetic and aerial paper floor lamps. Let us not forget either the more classic models, for a romantic or contemporary decoration, with for example the Aläng from Ikea adjustable in height (59 euros).

So design!

Designers love the floor lamp. And the floor lamp adapts to all their follies! We find it all in injection molded polyurethane foam, equipped with LEDs, with a sleek and functional design, designed by Zaha Hadid (around 6000 euros). In another style, the floor lamp is transformed by Marcus Beck and Simon Macro into a gigantic wooden Meccano (around 5000 euros). At Front Design, we dare the floor lamp with a life-size horse (around 4000 euros). Rest assured, the big decoration brands all have much cheaper design models, such as Väte d'Ikea ​​(35 euros) or Dark de But (29 euros).

Where to find them?

Question price, the floor lamp makes the splits! But in general, the softest prices are found in decoration signs, which all offer a floor lamp section.