Electric blue energizes the teenage bedroom!

Electric blue energizes the teenage bedroom!

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Design and elegant, the electric blue will energize your teenagers' bedroom! Unisex and easy to marry, this trendy color creates an original and unique atmosphere.

Why blue?

Because it is first of all a color that resembles daydreaming and relaxation, therefore a perfect shade for a bedroom. Then, because electric blue is very trendy and will bring to the room, in addition to enlarging it, a very design and contemporary atmosphere. Finally, because it is a color that will enhance the furniture and decor of the room

From covering to decoration

For an optimal rendering, opt for a mural. Do not darken the room by painting all the walls in this shade. Choose to cover only one or even two sections of walls and paint the remaining ones in lighter shades. If you do not want to change the color of your coverings, bring electric blue with bed linen, cushions, decorative items or furniture.

Easy to marry

You can choose to play on a blue gradient to create harmony, but preferably opt for lighter colors like white, a duo with which you are sure to hit the mark. And if you don't want to fall into something too "classic", choose powdery whites, beige or even unbleached. For an invigorating decor, dare the electric blue with the red or the anise green, yellow or orange, guaranteed energizing effect.


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