Summer site: I change my decor

Summer site: I change my decor

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Often summer is an opportunity to take the time to take care of yourself but also of your home. Nothing like taking advantage of sunny days to prepare your interior to welcome back to school by carrying out small decorative works without breaking the bank. To support you in your project, we offer advice on how to change your decor in the summer.

I change the walls and the floors

Even if we have the habit of regularly changing some decoration accessories to give a new look to our interior, it is rarer to make real changes that will really transform the room. Yet changing walls and floors has never been easier. For the walls, the choice is vast and rather inexpensive! You can turn to painting by drawing from the new color charts that will make the trendy colors of the fall. Be aware that gray is always a safe bet and that you can combine it with many colors. To give a more original touch to your walls, of course you can also bet on wallpaper. There are original patterns but also very trendy effects to create a trompe l'oeil in wood, stone, leather or any other material on your wall. Also think about the stickers that can energize your walls and give them a new look in the blink of an eye. Ground side, there again, the operation is simpler than it seems. Indeed, if it will be more complicated to lay a solid parquet, you can however opt for floating parquet which often arises by clipping the different boards between them. The real revolution is on the vinyl floors side which have breathtaking effects to imitate parquet, concrete or stone. These blades are quite inexpensive and very easy to install since they are adhesive. It will be enough to stick them on a healthy, clean and level ground. Something to add cachet to your interior in the blink of an eye.

I change the furniture and decorative accessories

For the rest of the house, you will be able to give new life to your furniture by using paint! Tired of this white wooden piece of furniture? No problem, sand it, dust it off and apply the color of your choice to change your look. For your sofa, your armchairs and your chairs, opt for covers that will give a new style without buying everything. You will find them in decoration stores but you can also get started if you are comfortable with a needle and thread. Finally, do not hesitate to treat yourself to accessories. Change your cushion covers and curtains to adapt to the new style of your interior. Also think of household linen like your table mats but also your bed linen or even your bath towels which can add decorative touches to your interior. Treat yourself to a new table lamp to create a beautiful atmosphere and why not a new table. Unless you prefer to have a photo printed to remind you of your vacation. You just have to wait for the start of the school year.