Video: cutting an outdoor plant

Video: cutting an outdoor plant

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Your garden is a space where your favorite plants mix and you would like to multiply them to take advantage of them? Did you know that such an operation is possible thanks to the cutting technique? The latter consists in giving birth to a new plant from a stem taken from the original plant. Ophélie, gardening coach, shows you how to cut your plants. Follow his advice, on video!

Watch the video

Cut your cutting

As an example, Ophélie performs a cutting operation on a tree ivy. Obviously, his advice also applies to similar plants. First, select a relatively new stem long enough to be planted in a pot. Section it cleanly using a good pruner that you have taken care to disinfect before so as not to spread disease on the young shoots. Once you have your cuttings, cut the leaves close to the stem for almost the entire length. Only a few leaves should remain on top. Normally, you should have several nodes, at the base of which the roots will be able to develop once in the ground.

Plant your cutting

To plant your cutting, it is advisable to use a dibber. It will facilitate the operation and will not damage the rod. Immerse the latter in the soil until the first leaf. All you have to do is tamp down lightly, and water regularly. To maximize your chances of success, do not hesitate to make several cuttings. You now know how to cut your outdoor plants. Thanks to Ophélie's advice, multiply your favorite plants without going to a garden center, and beautify your garden to make it a warm and friendly space. Find How to cut an outdoor plant on Produced by Minute Facile.


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