My tour of France of decorative souvenirs

My tour of France of decorative souvenirs

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While the holidays are looming, we all have in mind the memories brought back from past years which have all too often ended up in the cupboards! And yes, even if this shell lamp seemed original in its shop on the Atlantic coast, once at home, impossible to find a place for it. This year, I offer my advice to finally bring back memories that you will be proud to exhibit. The key to a useful vacation memory is to play on the authentic aspect of your vacation spot while opting for a more urban touch that will integrate the object into your home. Are you going to the Basque Country? Push the door of a Jean Vier boutique, the specialist in Basque linen. But do not make the same mistake as me by choosing a superb red and orange bayadère tablecloth in colors too bright for your interior. Prefer rather a nice linen in gray or string tones that will blend perfectly with your decor style. Are you going to get some fresh air in Haute-Savoie? Do not clutter up with large plates that you will not only find difficult to store but also to use on your table. Instead, prefer cheese plates decorated with a cow's head. You will make your guests smile at the end of the meal and this will be an opportunity to tell them about your stay. Are you moving to the south to enjoy the sun? Bet everything on the scents of this region. Attention, we avoid the traditional bouquets of lavender too complicated to take away and we prefer a small fragrant soap that will give a holiday air to our bathroom throughout the year. On the Marseille side, you can also hunt for small anisette glasses which will always be useful when you are having an aperitif. Are you planning to breathe the pure air of Brittany? We leave the kouign amann which we will only make a bite of aside and we find driftwood objects which are very trendy at the moment. And if you are close to Pornic, know that the earthenware ear bowl will always be a recipe for breakfast. It only remains for me to wish you a good holiday and great decorative finds! All Cendrine Dominguez's items Photo credit: Pierre Olivier / TEVA


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