Quickly a marble table in my living room!

Quickly a marble table in my living room!

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Marble continues its rise in decoration. What? You haven't adopted it yet! Make-up session without further delay with this special shopping for marble coffee tables for all late arrivals!

Scandinavian inspiration: marble and wood go hand in hand

By marrying the coldness of white marble with the warmth of blond wood, you get a beautiful combination of materials that will not leave marble your decor! The Fly coffee table, created by Agence Space Copenhagen, unmistakably combines this mixture and imprints a trendy Scandinavian spirit. Another favorite, the Stone marble coffee table on www.achatdesign.com which will surely become the central element of your decor.

Modern inspiration: marble and steel the right mix

In a more contemporary version, marble matches chrome steel. This combination of two cold materials gives the living room a design spirit that combines well with a minimalist style. With its clean and straight lines, the Levana marble coffee table on www.chloedesign.fr seduces both by its robustness and by its very chic side.

Timeless inspiration: marble and glass a perfect match

It is in a more timeless spirit that marble goes well with glass. At www.livingroc.com, there are different shapes that combine marble with glass. There is something for everyone: graphic, refined, structured! One thing is certain, the tandem works perfectly well! Our practical salon decoration videos


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