Crochet: learn the Broomstick point

Crochet: learn the Broomstick point

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The Broomstick stitch requires for its realization a large knitting needle in addition to the current fans: 739825 crochet and thread. Here are some explanations to guide you in its making. 1. Start with news: 737421 make a chain by counting a number of stitches multiple of five.
2. Then place the last loop of the chain on a large knitting needle.
3. Insert the actu: 739825 crochet in the last stitch of the chain and make a throw.
4. Pull the thread through the chain link to get a loop. Then pass this loop on the front of the large knitting needle, and tighten the loop.
5. Repeat the previous two steps for each link in the chain.
6. Then insert the actu: 739825 crochet hook into the last five loops of the knitting needle, make a yarn over and pull the thread through the five stitches of the actu: 739825 crochet.
7. Make a new yarn over, this time making sure to pass over the stitches on the knitting needle, then pull the thread through the remaining stitch on the actu: 739825 crochet.
8. Repeat through the same five stitches in the news: 739825 crochet the previous three steps four times. That is to say, insert the actu: 739825 crochet under the last five stitches of the knitting needle, make a yarn over and pull the thread, then make a second yarn over and draw the thread through the loop on the actu : 739825 hook.
9. You have thus achieved a Broomstick point. Continue in the same way as in the previous steps to make the following Broomstick stitches on your chain.


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