Hardware focus: how to choose a woodburner?

Hardware focus: how to choose a woodburner?

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The pyrograveur, or pyrograph, is the device that allows pyrography, that is to say, drawings on wood, leather and many other materials. This tool is particularly used by lovers of creative hobbies. Simple to use, the pyrograveur allows the material to be dug by the technique known as "carbonization" generated thanks to the high temperatures it diffuses. Here are some criteria that will help you in your quest for the ideal woodburner ...

What is a pyrographer for?

Choosing your woodburning will essentially depend on the material on which you intend to carry out your pyrography. Indeed, the etching temperature will not be identical on wood and on leather. However, pyrography can be practiced on a multitude of supports provided that the temperature of your device is suitable. Note, however, that there are multifunctional models that allow you to explore many techniques: pyrodoride, scrapbooking, jewelry…

The different types of pyrographers

  • the woodburning for wood consists of a handle on which are fixed specific points which will heat up when the woodburning will be turned on. These points are available in a multiplicity of forms and will allow you to fulfill all your creative desires. You will be spoiled for choice in this area. Plan a purchase price ranging from 5 euros for the most basic model, and 30 euros for a woodburning sold with 8 tips.
  • the woodburning R200 is a multifunction pyrography device whose special feature is that it has 4 adjustable power levels. So, you can use it to engrave different supports going from wood to leather while passing by the news: 739845 fabric. For this type of woodburning , there is an average budget of 70 euros.
  • the woodburning R300 corresponds to the new version of woodburning R300. This model will allow you to use two pyrography handles simultaneously. This kind of woodburning perfect for beginners and costs around 80 euros.