Video: firing ceramic objects

Video: firing ceramic objects

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Before you start creating ceramic objects, it's good to know all the tricks. In this video, Claudia de Fenoyl, expert in this matter, shows you how to cook your objects in order to obtain perfect creations.

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Ceramic firing: prepare your objects

Once your ceramic objects are formed, you must prepare them for cooking. Claudia shows you here how to remove enamel from your creations. In fact, when you cook your ceramic objects with the enamel, they become sticky in the oven and therefore unusable. For that, pass a very wet sponge on your ceramic creations, so as to make everything disappear. Once the preparation is complete, you can proceed to baking in the oven.

Ceramic firing: oven preparation

Start by placing your various objects at the bottom of the oven. Be careful that they do not touch each other, or do not touch the oven, as they will attach to each other. Do not hesitate to put a floor using a ceramic tray, to cook more objects: the cooking taking about 24 hours, it is better to make the most of your time. Then close your oven and start cooking. The temperature rises slowly to 1030 ° C, and stays there for about twenty minutes, before slowly falling. Thanks to Claudia de Fenoyl, cooking ceramic objects will soon have no secrets for you. Find the video Cooking ceramic objects on Produced by Minute Facile.


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