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What are the essential tools for tiling?

What are the essential tools for tiling?



Answer: Tracing, gluing and cutting

Whether novice or experienced, every tiler requires several tools to carry out his activity. Sometimes these tools are also suitable for laying wall tiles. Measuring and tracing tools, namely a cord, a meter and finally a sufficiently greasy pencil, are essential. The container and the trowel are necessary for the preparation of the glue. The notched trowel, which has more or less wide teeth depending on the size of the tiles, allows it to be applied properly. The mason's rule, about 2 meters, allows you to check the horizontality of the support using a level. The tiler's mallet avoids shocking the tiles, while the rubber squeegee polishes the coating without scratching them. Manual or electric, the tile cutter cuts the tiles geometrically. Its use is however quite technical. The spacers allow to maintain a fair distance between each tile. Matches also do the trick. Finally, gloves and protective glasses are highly recommended. video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos