Is it better to choose a fridge / freezer combination or the two separate?

Is it better to choose a fridge / freezer combination or the two separate?

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Answer: the fridge / freezer combination for consumers of frozen products, the two separate for large families.

The answer depends a lot on your consumption of frozen products. First of all, there are two types of fridge / freezer combinations: the ones with two separate compartments, or the refrigerators with a cold part. If you live alone and you are not a very big consumer of frozen products, the refrigerator with cold part can be enough. If you often consume frozen products, it is probably better for you to choose a fridge / freezer combination. This has the advantage of taking up much less space than a separate freezer and refrigerator. This will make it much easier for you to furnish your kitchen. However, as the capacity of a handset is less than that of a conventional freezer, this type of freezer is not suitable for large families or large consumers of frozen food! Our practical DIY videos


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