Graphic patterns: mistakes to avoid

Graphic patterns: mistakes to avoid

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Diamonds, triangles, circles, arrows or even squares, this season graphic patterns are everywhere! If we particularly like them when they energize a room, they can also become oppressive if we don't use them sparingly. There are a few mistakes to avoid if you miss an overdose. Colors, accumulation, choice of parts, here are the tips to adopt so as not to be mistaken.

Mistake # 1: mixing too many patterns

The accumulation in decoration is often a beginner's error. And concerning the geometric patterns, it is important to avoid abusing them as much as possible. If certain associations are in perfect harmony, such as chevrons and triangles or diamonds and stripes, others are to be banished! We proscribe the mix of chevrons and small circles which overload the decor. As for the time to choose the cushions that will adorn the sofa, we favor one or two patterns to create a beautiful harmony.

Mistake # 2: mixing neon tones and pastel colors

Since pastel tones and neon colors are very trendy on the side of graphic patterns, it is important to choose your side at the risk of creating too daring, even garish associations. Neon yellow and powder pink, for example, do not mix well in the decor. But if you like both and find it hard to decide, make a compromise. Small cushions and carpets with diamond and neon triangles patterns energize the living room while the chevrons and light-colored arrows take care of the bed linen in the bedroom.

Mistake n ° 3: dare them only in the living room

If the living room lends itself perfectly to the use of geometric patterns, know that it is not the only one. In the bedroom, you can dare in a bed linen version in bright colors if you want to add pep or in pastel colors if you prefer to create a soft setting. You can also bet on them to energize a somewhat sad floor with a long carpet for the corridor or a large square for a staircase. As for the bathroom, it is not to be outdone! If the shower curtain particularly likes them to create a good mood, the towels are also torn off.

Mistake # 4: not thinking about walls

And yes ! Graphic patterns can also be easily used on all the walls of the house. In a child's or baby's room, we prefer diamonds or small circles in pastel colors. Water green, sky blue and powder pink are obviously welcome. In a teenage bedroom, too, they display their wallpaper version in more vivid colors. Electric red and blue triangles, colored checkers have no trouble exhibiting in style. As for the entrance and the living room, we do not hesitate to dare them on a single section of wall so as not to give the impression of entering a kaleidoscope. The black half-moons on a white background imagined by Ferm Living are our favorite to put in these two rooms.