The decor of the toilets in black and white

The decor of the toilets in black and white

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For a chic and original decor in the toilets, we suggest you play the graphic card by making your decor in black and white. You will then obtain an elegant piece, both design and dynamic for toilets that think outside the box. Here are three tips to implement at home.

Tip # 1: play with a pattern on the walls

To set the scene for your toilets and play the originality card, we first adopt a black and white wallpaper. You can opt for a houndstooth pattern, for tiles, stripes or even flowers depending on your style as long as you respect black and white. It is up to you to decide if you prefer to dress a section of the wall or give yourself a total look. For the more discreet who do not wish to adopt a strong motif, then prefer to leave the walls white.

Tip # 2: choose a black bowl

To change from the traditional white bowl, we put on the originality of a black model. The effect will then be much more design and your room will be transformed. If you want to go after the graphic spirit, slice with a white flap!

Tip # 3: alternate with accessories

Finally, to polish your decor, all you have to do is select a few accessories such as the toilet brush or the toilet paper dispenser. For this, you will have the choice between white or black models. Be sure to balance the whole by opting for a dominant color and not to play too checkerboard effect so that everything remains harmonious. Our practical toilet decoration videos