In drawing: make a mirror made of logs, for a very natural decor!

In drawing: make a mirror made of logs, for a very natural decor!

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If you like nature-style decoration, this do-it-yourself decor idea is for you. If in addition you have an old mirror with a very ugly wooden frame and which you do not know what to do, it's all found, you will make it look good. If you do not have this old mirror in your boxes, then you will have to find in flea market, or in store the one that you will dress so nicely ... Regarding the logs, it will be faster and more practical to provide you in the hobby shops, which often offer ready-made pucks. Unless you have time to walk in the forest, pick up branches of several diameters, let them dry well, cut them into rings, then sand these rings (you see). Apart from this essential support and raw material, you will also need to equip yourself with equipment because you will need: - paint for woodwork, natural and dark colors - a large brush - a glue gun - a small manual wood saw (a table saw will be perfect) - sandpaper - and a little patience and application!

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