My remote control switch is making too much noise. What is the solution ?

My remote control switch is making too much noise. What is the solution ?

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Answer: replace with a new remote control switch or have the electrical panel insulated.

Your electrical installation is surely old. Indeed, the old models of remote control switches were quite noisy, in particular each time the lamps were turned on or off, but fortunately the problem has been resolved since. The latest generation models are designed to be "silent". To be more precise, a remote control switch can never be completely silent, but the noise emitted has been reduced. The best solution is therefore to replace your remote control with a new one, an operation accessible to novice DIY enthusiasts. You will find remote control switches in all major DIY stores or on trade sites from € 20. Another possibility: you can have the electrical panel insulated, but it will not necessarily be more efficient or more economical. Our practical DIY videos


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