Furniture to compose invests the house

Furniture to compose invests the house

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We all know that making custom-made decorations is often overpriced. Fortunately for us, the furniture to be composed invades our interiors. From the sofa to the library, through the TV cabinet and the office, you have all the keys to create a space that suits you at lower cost. It's your turn !

Canapes that punctuate our desires

The avant-garde Mah Jong sofa in Roche Bobois fabric has established itself as a benchmark in terms of creative furniture. With its 3 basic elements, it claims total freedom of form, color and function by playing on all combinations. If you prefer the leather sofa option, go to Fly and opt for the Cardiff model which offers 14 elements to compose a custom space.

We compose his living room

To organize a living room according to his lifestyle and his tastes, we put on TV furniture and bookcases to compose. The Ikea BESTÅ storage system gives you a multitude of choices. Designed to be adaptable and flexible, you can build it up, down, wide with wheels or feet, two-tone or plain and create an atmosphere that reflects your image. And if you change your mind again, don't worry, it's still possible to reshape everything and add elements.

Modular for the bedroom

In addition to the very practical modular walk-in closets, you can choose to install a writing desk in your teens' room to save space. The model with clean and timeless lines "Working" by AM PM allows you to combine blocks of drawers with the top and the legs to create a workspace as needed.