The creators we love for little one's Christmas gifts

The creators we love for little one's Christmas gifts

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For Christmas, we play the card of originality by finding children's Christmas gifts from small designers who do not lack style. Here are some websites to visit urgently.

Fifi Bastille

The Fifi Bastille collection will appeal to young and old alike with a colorful and playful universe that will put good humor in the house. You will find bags and toilet bags there, but also paintings and even cushions which display a childish motif with the famous Fifi and her quilts as a guest star.

Madame Pop and Kids

At Madame Pop and Kids, you will be able to personalize the decorative objects with the most beautiful drawings of your children. The work of art of your offspring is thus transformed into a table for his bedroom, a mug for breakfast but also into more original objects such as a glasses case, a cushion or bedroom linen. What make them very proud.

Magic garland

For those who are afraid of the dark, we exchange the traditional night light for a pretty garland that we will install in their room. These garlands of woven cotton balls come straight from Thailand and will bring a soft light to the little ones' room.


On the C-MonEtiquette site, you will not only be able to find labels to personalize your Christmas gifts but you will also be able to find repositionable slate stickers that will allow little ones to express themselves on the walls in style. A nice decor idea for little ones!


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