Wall humidity: what to do?

Wall humidity: what to do?

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The humidity of the walls must be combated without delay. It can be the cause of many damages which risk, in the more or less long term, leading to stains, blisters, capillary rises, saltpetre, crumbling, mold. This is without taking into account the health problems inherent in excess humidity in the home. Fortunately, there are effective and ecological solutions to combat domestic humidity, but these do not exempt from ventilating the house every day, whatever the season.

Clean the walls

The humidity on the walls does not go unnoticed since it does not take long to reveal molds, these famous fungi responsible for health problems that can be serious. It is therefore necessary to first clean the walls in order to rid them of all this mold which risks attacking the cupboards, dressers, cupboards or bookcases. Bleach can be used on tiles and joints in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. White vinegar is also effective in these cases and makes it possible to avoid the chemical anti-mold products which are commercially available. However, the cleaning of moldy plaster requires some precautions because this material is fragile and does not support water. You simply soak the molds in vinegar and then rub with a soft cloth or an extremely soft brush. Leave to dry without rinsing. Whatever cleaning technique is used, it is necessary to don gloves, mask and protective glasses.

Investigate the cause of moisture in the walls

If after a good cleaning, the traces of humidity reappear, it is absolutely necessary to look for the cause. The diagnosis must be reliable because on it will depend the treatment to be applied to definitively combat this scourge. It is important to distinguish a simple condensation problem from an infiltration. Condensation is steam on a cold wall which is combated by sufficient ventilation of the room and an ambient temperature of at least 15 ° C. As for infiltration, more serious, it involves water repellency. In this case, a professional should be consulted.

Install a CMV

It may be necessary to call in a professional who will research the causes of the humidity. He will first advise the pause of a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation more commonly called VMC. Whether single flow or double flow, it can significantly reduce the humidity of all rooms in the home.

Dry the walls definitively: an innovative solution

The treatment of the humidity of the walls must be curative and preventive so that this phenomenon does not happen again because it can cause a brittleness of the construction. Inno'vision Technology SARL offers radical treatment. Patented, this concept is used by large groups such as the SNCF to remedy the humidity problems of walls under tunnels for example. This is Murasec, capable of removing all the water from the walls and blocking the networks through which water infiltrates, namely capillary networks, whether they are buried walls or not. Murasec has an electrical action on the water contained in the walls thanks to electrical impulses. Its mechanical action, by clogging, prevents water from infiltrating the walls again. Murasec also acts by a chemical action whose goal is to eliminate or make inactive corrosive salts in order to sanitize the walls of a construction. This process can treat any porous material and all walls regardless of their height and thickness. It takes six months to two years to see the effectiveness of its draining effect, depending on the extent of the damage.

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