Technology at the service of the hotel industry

Technology at the service of the hotel industry

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It is at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, that the hotel sector presented its latest innovations last November, during the first edition of the Lab Equip'Hôtel. The event was a great success and provided an opportunity to take stock of the considerable evolution of the services offered to customers, thanks in particular to technology. It also allowed for many exchanges between speakers and visitors. And it is live that thirty-five new products were presented to a Jury, all worlds of hospitality combined.

The hotel world is changing

Today, hotel customers expect more than just accommodation. This strong trend is even more marked among the clientele of luxury hotel establishments. The profession must therefore innovate to respond to new purchasing behavior, both in terms of customer reception and service. In order to find the right orientation, it was therefore necessary to analyze customer expectations. A decryption which the Equip'Hotel Lab was responsible for in order to allow hotel professionals to advance their establishments. The Equip'Hotel Lab also took stock of the latest innovations that have marked the hotel sector.

Outstanding innovations

Among the many innovations presented on the occasion of this first edition of the Equip'Hotel Lab, the new technologies have greatly stood out, bringing real benefits to hotel customers. Among them, and in addition to WiFi, the electronic concierge and personalized customer reception: great efforts have been made to allow them to be welcomed in warm spaces where conviviality reigns supreme. Another innovation: the possibility for the customer to personalize the ambiance of his room both in terms of sound and lighting. Thus, the hotel becomes a place of life rather than a simple place of passage.

Innovations recognized by the Jury

News and innovations in the catering and hotel sector have been widely recognized by the Equip'Hotel Lab. It is clear that the sector is changing, and this is what more than 1,250 participants tried to prove by presenting their ideas through new concepts. Some of them were selected by competition. Talks led by personalities from the hotel industry made it possible to discover the different experiences of each through rich presentations. Passion and generosity were largely present. The jury, made up of hotel and restaurant service users and Equip'Innov experts, awarded prizes in different areas, namely the layout of the building, decoration and lighting, kitchen equipment and materials , cafeteria, food and drink and of course technology. This first edition of the Equip'Hotel Lab was an opportunity to discover great talents who can already embark on the realization of their major projects. All have in common this momentum for the development of new technological concepts capable of promoting the growth of the hotel fleet.


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