What colors to choose for an arty style living room?

What colors to choose for an arty style living room?

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If you want to bring dynamism to your living room, opt for the arty style: a clever mix of cheerful colors and psychedelic prints, it brings up to date the decor of the 70s and allows to bring out the old pop art prints and objects kitsch previously neglected. The colorful arty style living room is frankly offbeat and does not take itself seriously.

Colorful walls

The arty style gives pride of place to color, and the walls are no exception. Whatever the material chosen, we take inspiration from trendy galleries to revamp our living room. Each wall can have its own color, but the ideal is to respect a certain harmony. Electric blue and yellow, orange, red and tart green or fuchsia and turquoise blue are to be laid in generous touches. Black, white and silver also find their place on a living room wall, as do giant stickers representing certain cultural symbols like the famous Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. Or better yet because less formatted, the canvases of young artists accessible to all budgets. For a successful arty style, one watchword: you have unlimited fun by letting your wildest impulses express themselves.

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Pop furniture

Obviously, sobriety does not really have a place in an arty style living room. We take out the fluorescent plastic chairs, the old inflatable armchair and the ultra-colored poufs from the 50s and 80s. Vintage, retro or kitsch furniture blends perfectly with contemporary furniture. It's up to everyone to draw on the collections of current designers, giving preference to rounded and colorful furniture. A pink sofa leaning on an electric blue wall, a designer dining table with green and orange plastic chairs… Nothing also prevents you from picking up some furniture in the flea markets and warming it up by covering it in red and yellow or blue.

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Place the object

Adopting the arty style is also diverting an object from its primary role to amuse or move but always surprise, like the creations of New Realists like Will Kurtz, César, Jenny Brial or Arman. Carte blanche is therefore given to creativity. To successfully revamp your living room and transform this convivial room into a real art gallery, you obviously highlight the decorative object, not without a touch of madness as Salvador Dali would have done. We can also tap into the range of Creativando objects that are inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, a pioneer of abstraction.

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Everyone can nuance their style by adding a bohemian arty touch or a few arty chic notes for more refinement. Large brands are teeming with small decorative objects in bright colors. We opt for cushions with graphic lines, curtains with geometric designs, carpets with psychedelic prints and pop colors reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy's outfits drawn from the sublime collections of Emilio Pucci. Finally, the luminaire is no exception to the rule: inflatable and colorful, it is more unusual than ever.

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