Is there a difference between an A switch and an AC switch?

Is there a difference between an A switch and an AC switch?

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Answer: yes, switch A is specifically dedicated to large household appliances.

Differential switches protect people from the risk of electric shock. There are three types: type A, type B and type AC. Each type has its own characteristics and its dedicated uses. The AC switch is the standard switch that detects alternating currents. While type A is used to protect specific electrical circuits used for large appliances (hobs, washing machine). It detects both alternating and direct currents. AC and A switches are compulsory in all homes. For a dwelling of less than 35 m², you must have one of each. Whereas for a house of 35 m² to 100 m², you must have two AC switches and one switch A. Above 100 m², you need 3 AC switches and 1 switch A.

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