The Arty spirit to personalize the decor

The Arty spirit to personalize the decor

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The Arty spirit is a trend that finds its inspiration in the fashion and decoration of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The principle of Arty art is to dare. Bright colors are in the spotlight as are atypical and geometric shapes. Bringing the Arty spirit into your home means bringing joy and color to your daily life. A daring shift full of energy!

What is the Arty spirit?

The Arty decor is a colorful and joyful decor. Several designers are inseparable from the Arty spirit, this is the case of Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock. The Arty spirit has as its principle to stage geometric and offbeat shapes. The latter are associated with bright colors, generally primary colors, such as yellow, red or blue. The Arty spirit works with the vintage furniture that adorned the interiors from the 50s to the 70s. But the Arty decor really explodes with interior fabrics such as carpets, curtains or cushions. For a successful Arty spirit, you must dare to multiply the colors, the patterns and the decorative objects.

How to bring the Arty spirit to your home?

Do you like the quirky side of Arty decor? Do you want to integrate it into your interior? Here are a few tips. Choose furniture that is both retro and vintage, which you can easily find in major brands or which you can hunt for, for more authenticity. Then bring color and favor yellow, blue, red and green. Do not hesitate to combine these colors with white and black. To respect the Arty spirit, color invites itself on your walls, your cushions, your curtains, your frames and even your baseboards. It evolves thanks to geometric shapes and diverted illustrations.

Where to find the Arty spirit?

The energy of the Arty spirit is still very much in vogue today. Whether you want to integrate an Arty Chic or Arty Bohème decoration, many designers and a large number of brands specializing in home furnishings offer their Arty collections. While Saint Maclou offers paintings, wall coverings and fabulous rugs in an Arty atmosphere, the Habitat brand stands out thanks to its lamps, decorative items and unusual furniture. Graphic lines and colors, which will help you create an Arty spirit interior, are also present at Ikéa, Alinéa and Maisons du Monde. Indeed, the brands all offer furniture that seems out of the Austin Power films and a very nice range of household linen as colorful as it is quirky. Let your imagination and creativity run free. Dare and don't be afraid to do too much! Our practical decoration videos