What is a false ceiling for?

What is a false ceiling for?

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A role not only aesthetic

Whether thermal or acoustic, insulation is essential for add comfort to the home. One of the advantages of false ceiling is precisely fromoptimize the insulation of a room. In addition, stretching a false ceiling in a room where the original ceiling is too high allows play on volumes. By lowering the height of the room, it becomes much easier to heat. When the original ceiling has many irregularities, you may also want to install a suspended ceiling to hide faults. It also allows for an accessible plenum, this useful free space insert electrical conduits and wires. Finally, this false ceiling will facilitate the installation of LEDs or light bars to optimize the lighting of the room and make it warm. You understood, the false ceiling is not confined to an aesthetic role, it is useful in many ways ...

Two types of false ceilings

There are two types of false ceilings

  • The suspended suspended ceiling : as its name suggests, it is suspended from the ceiling using metal hangers and rails. The metal frame can be of different finishes and materials such as plaster, wooden boards, textiles, PVC…
  • The false stretch ceiling:made from a thermoplastic fabric (PVC), the false stretch ceiling is much more difficult to install. However, it has incredible qualities of finish and resistance. If it costs more, it is the most durable type of false ceiling! It is generally found in contemporary constructions.

What about removable ceilings?

The removable false ceiling can be installed on a structure as diverse as wood, steel or concrete. It has the advantage of being able to be dismantled when intervention on the structure, connection or insulation is necessary. The Rockwool is widely used for a removable false ceiling. It has the advantage of being perfectly insulating acoustically. Again, rock wool tiles offer many decorative possibilities given the range of colors offered. Washable and available in many colors, Luxalon® type aluminum slats allow the installation of suspended ceilings of rare elegance. As to metal tray slabs, they are frequently used in professional spaces. Other materials like wood paneling where the PVC paneling can be used to make a removable false ceiling. They do, however, require good technical skills.

Plaster false ceilings

The plaster allows many architectural possibilities such as vaults, cornices, sloping ceilings. In addition, it can be used in a humid room like the bathroom , or a fire hall for example. There are also dplaster aisles covered with PVC, a solid, washable and recyclable material. Be careful to always fix the plasterboard on a metal frame. This type of false ceiling is not removable.

Textile false ceilings

The textile suspended ceiling, or stretch ceiling, is composed of a fabric covering whose tension is ensured by rods. It brings a design touch to decoration interior while concealing the defects of the original ceiling or minimizing the excessive height of a room. Her installation is extremely fast since a few hours are enough to restore the ceiling.