Video creation in polymer clay: a checkerboard

Video creation in polymer clay: a checkerboard

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Brooches, rings, buttons… The polymer clay allows you to fulfill all your desires in a few minutes. Maria Czernichow-Msika invites you to learn how to make an elegant and colorful checkerboard.

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Creation of a checkerboard in polymer clay: preparation of the clay

To prepare your polymer clay, you must use a pasta machine that is easily found on the market. Choose two colors that you like, and pass each square of dough through the machine to obtain a nice rectangular plate for each color. On the first pass, do not be surprised to see your dough crumble, it happens when it is too cold. It becomes more flexible as you go.

Creation of a checkerboard in polymer clay: step by step

In order to obtain a checkerboard, you must start by superimposing the rectangles of polymer clay. Press lightly so they don't stick together. Cut the edges to obtain two plates of the same size. Cut the plates in half, over the longest length. Superimpose them in puff pastry, then cut in half, and superimpose again. Cut carefully and carefully thin slices the width of one of the color segments, well vertical, on the height of your pile of dough. Interleave the plates by alternating the color direction in order to obtain a beautiful checkerboard. After doubling by cutting in half lengthwise, Maria presents a colorful checkerboard that will dress all your outfits. Watch the video Creation in polymer clay: a checkerboard on Produced by Minute Facile.