Damask wraps the decor

Damask wraps the decor

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Classic and precious fabric, the damask still seduces the decor to create a chic and cozy atmosphere ideal for winter. Its charged and typical patterns are not limited to textiles and are installed throughout the house. Zoom on this fabric which has become a decorative motif.

What is damask?

It is a particular fabric which has a shiny background and a mat pattern woven generally in a shades of colors or the same color differentiated by textures. The ornamentation is very rich with palmettes, stylized flowers, medallions, arabesques which however remain discreet thanks to the technique used which does not give predominance to the background or the pattern. But it is still his motive that made his success. Moreover, this type of pattern is also available on wallpapers and invests the whole house for a damask atmosphere without using textiles.

How to use it in the house?

Damascus but also its pattern are used to give a chic atmosphere with baroque accents. We prefer dark colors like black, gray, burgundy or chocolate tones for an enveloping decor. In a hallway, you can use a total wallpaper look to highlight this small space with a loaded pattern. For the living room, we will favor curtains in a contemporary decor or a few cushions on the sofa. And in the bedroom, you can play the baroque chic card by opting for damask bed linen that will give style to your room. Our practical table decoration videos


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