A trendy headboard in the teenage bedroom

A trendy headboard in the teenage bedroom

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As an integral part of the decoration, the bed in the teenage bedroom must be dressed in trend. For this, the headboard has a say. And our teenagers being more and more demanding, here to guide you, a highly decorative selection of special headboards for the teenage bedroom. Fans of New York, London or flirtatious you choose!

A headboard for a teenager's bedroom

New York tops the list of cities that attract teens. So why not offer them their dream of change of scenery by choosing a headboard that prints in XXL format the cult Brooklyn Bridge (seen on the sitec Declikdeco). It is the same for the English flag! Also, take the opportunity to boost your teen's bedroom by reviving the colors with the Union Jack headboard. Red, blue and white chair the bed for a trendy style.

A headboard for a teenage girl's bedroom

On the girls' side, softness takes precedence over colors. upholstered headboard from AMPM or silver headboard from Declickdeco to create a more glamorous style. The latter adds an original note which also offers easy maintenance with its PVC coating. Another possibility is a headboard that incorporates storage on the sides, ideal for ordering without cluttering the rest of the room. We hide books, alarm clocks, jewelry boxes there… A way of combining aesthetics and practicality! Our practical teen decoration videos