Video: sewing course: putting a buttonhole

Video: sewing course: putting a buttonhole

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Do you want to make a garment that requires a button, but you don't know how to put a buttonhole? No worries ! Laurent Lachèze, co-founder of "Bobines et Combines", tells you how to put a buttonhole on a bib.

Watch the video :

Mark the location of the buttonhole

To make a buttonhole, you need a button, a sewing machine, a small piece of fusible and a buttonhole foot. Begin the installation of the buttonhole by defining the place where the button will be positioned. From there, locate the position of the buttonhole and mark it with a pencil. Then attach the fusible to the back, sponge side, pressing very lightly with an iron for a few seconds. The thermo-adhesive is used to avoid tangling the news: 739845 terry cloth in the machine.

Sew the buttonhole

Modern sewing machines have a function specially designed for buttonholes. Select this function, then place the button in the buttonhole foot. Install the buttonhole foot on the presser foot and adjust the buttonhole by pushing the latch to make the buttonhole arm touch the rear wedge. Use the red line as a guide for the location of the embroidery, then sew your buttonhole. When the seam is finished, remove the fusible and open the buttonhole with the tip of a scissor. Finally, sew the button, remembering to rotate the thread around the base to give it flexibility. Follow Laurent Lachèze's explanations: you will get a neat buttonhole. Watch the video Sewing lessons: put a buttonhole on Produced by Minute Facile.