Shutters, shutters, blinds: what to choose?

Shutters, shutters, blinds: what to choose?

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When we build a house or if we redo the exteriors of an existing home, a question can quickly arise and cause hesitation: what should be chosen for closings between shutters, shutters and blinds? What are the advantages of either solution? What is certain is that you must make sure, before choosing, to be in compliance with the legislation of your place of residence. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for fitting shutters

Why choose to install shutters?

More and more occupants of new houses want their shutters to be an element of the exterior decoration of the house and they have, for this, the choice between different materials and colors. The choice of shutter material depends on what you are looking for: for minimum maintenance, you must choose either PVC or aluminum. If lifespan is the first criterion of choice, high quality wood and aluminum will be particularly effective. In the same way, the choice of the type of shutters is important. Thus, roller shutters, motorized or not, offer, in addition to ease of installation, guarantees in terms of security, thermal and sound insulation.

Why choose to install louvers?

For older character homes, the choice of shutters is still relevant. They are an integral part of the decoration of these houses. In addition, in terms of protection from the sun and more generally from bad weather, as well as from the gaze of the neighbors, it is the shutters that should be favored as much as they can then be used like a blind when they are "Italian style". In terms of security, they can be fitted with bars, hooks or locks that effectively lock them. In addition, one of their major advantages is the ease of installation, especially if they replace old shutters.

Why choose to install a blind?

The installation of an external blind, motorized or not, has a number of advantages. This type of blind has its place above the veranda and the bay window of an apartment. It prevents the temperature from rising too high in the rooms, and thanks to it, plugging in a fan is no longer essential (this avoids a too salty electricity bill). On a terrace, in a garden, it allows you to protect yourself from the sun and protects from the effects of the wind. An external blind can very well be placed above windows or bay windows themselves fitted with shutters or shutters, the opening of one does not hinder the opening or closing of the others.