The microwave: new star in the kitchen

The microwave: new star in the kitchen

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Similar to prepared meals, the microwave was no longer so much in the hearts of the French. But that was without counting on brands that replaced the microwave in the center of the home-made. Microwave cooking is making a comeback to make your life easier and save time.

A range of accessories for cooking in the microwave

At Lékué, we understand the potential of microwaves, which saves time. As a result, the brand has developed a whole range of innovative products that are reinventing the use of the microwave. There is a clever container to cook pasta in the microwave but also a kit to make a chocolate fondue, or an almost magic bowl to transform corn into popcorn. Finally, the big news is a one-piece silicone mold that allows cooking on both sides to make tortilla, frittata, okonomiyaki or a simple omelet in a few minutes. A real tip for a quick and homemade meal.

A new culinary trend

In terms of culinary trends, the microwave also stands out! After the macaroons, cupcakes and other pop cakes, here comes the mug cake. The principle ? A cake recipe that is made in a mug or cup and that can be cooked in the microwave in a few minutes. A real revolution for a quick and homemade snack that will delight students who are not always equipped with cake pans, mothers who want to please their children and especially all gourmets who seek ease! Our practical cooking videos