50 euros for a pop object

50 euros for a pop object

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For a pop decoration that does not make tons, we only put on a few well chosen objects. So to help you choose the strongest piece of your decor, we offer a selection of flagship objects to adopt for 50 euros each. At the end, a decoration that throws!

A pop painting

When you think of pop art, you immediately see the famous paintings of Andy Warhol. At home, without spending thousands of euros, you can bet on a pop-inspired painting that will bring good humor and colors to your room. All brands offer their vision of the pop art style. Generally, a 50x50 cm canvas will cost you between 40 and 50 euros. Know that you can also favor smaller frames that you can then multiply.

A pop lamp

In the 1960s, interiors were fitted with funny decorative lamps known as lava lamps. More decorative object than lighting, it is a rocket-shaped lamp in which a colored liquid moves for a psychedelic impression. For a pop spirit, nothing like one of these lamps on a coffee table or on a piece of furniture. We choose it very colorful so that it makes the show in the house. On the price side, you will find lamps for around fifty euros and even cheaper second-hand models.

Psychedelic wallpaper

Finally, the pop spirit can be perfectly translated into a psychedelic wallpaper. The secret will then be to choose a model that mixes very bright colors and whose pattern shapes play the card of roundness. The good news is that this type of wallpaper is so strong that a strip or a section of wall will suffice, which will allow you to buy only one roll! Our practical pop decoration videos


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