Landscape advice: an elevated garden

Landscape advice: an elevated garden

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Inspired by medieval vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens grown in tubs make it easy to produce delicious vegetables, season after season. Easy to maintain, they do not tire the back and adapt to all styles.

How to arrange a vegetable garden in tubs?

The number and size of the bins depend on the space available in your garden or on your terrace. You can have solid wicker or chestnut tubs built, or buy tubs in a garden center. The ideal height is that which allows planting and harvesting without stooping, providing at least 90 cm in height. Then just fill the bins with potting soil and add a layer of compost, because vegetables quickly deplete the resources of the soil. In the first days of spring, once the soil has been prepared and aired with the claw, you can plant spring salads, peas or strawberries according to your desires ... After the ice saints, all risk of frost removed, old tomatoes, cucumbers and summer vegetables take place in the bins. In the fall comes the time of pumpkins, squash and root vegetables. A square can be reserved for aromatic plants (chives, thyme, basil, tarragon, parsley, mint, savory ...) and another can be dedicated to children, with radishes, cherry tomatoes and strawberries for example! Last tip: some ornamental flowers such as cosmos, marigolds, sunflowers, nasturtiums and marigolds enhance the vegetable garden while protecting crops and promoting pollination.

The landscaper's advice

Install an outdoor kitchen, barbecue or even a simple dining area next to your vegetable garden: this will allow you to cook and taste your freshly harvested vegetables.

The accessories

The bins Several models of tubs are available in garden centers. Use wood and wicker for a natural look or dare colored resin to create more contemporary style effects. Count from 15 to 100 € per bin.
The outdoor kitchen In wood, metal or corian, outdoor kitchens compete with ingenuity. Composed of a hob and a sink, they can also include a barbecue, storage spaces, a worktop and many accessories. From 400 €.
The garden furniture Colorful, pink or orange metal furniture brings gaiety to this garden. From 200 €.


Aromatic plants Aniseed basil, golden lemon thyme, tarragon, orange mint, common parsley, chives ...
Vegetables 18-day radish, mixed shoots, arugula, lettuce and green mustard, cherry tomato, pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima 'Bright red Etampes'), pumpkin, wild peas and sweet peas, leeks, cabbage ...
Berries Strawberries (Fragaria vesca "Capron Royal"), gooseberries…
"Friendly" or ornamental flowers Giant cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus ), marigolds, sunflowers, marigolds, Spanish beans, marigolds…

Estimated budget

The budget for landscaping a garden depends on several criteria: surface area, site preparation, choice of materials, varieties and accessories ... Allow at least € 2,000 for the purchase of 6 bins, an outdoor kitchen , a garden furniture, plants and seeds; and try to cut and exchange seeds with your neighbors! Our practical balcony, terrace and garden videos