Video: how to replace a button of jeans?

Video: how to replace a button of jeans?

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Have you just lost a button on your jeans? No worries ! Céline Leridon, product manager at "Créa Pécam", explains how to replace the button on your jeans in a few minutes.

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Prepare the material to replace the jeans button

Bring the jeans from which the button fell, a hammer, a jeans button also called an automatic button and an automatic button installation tool. You will find jeans buttons in any large area. To start, place the two end caps provided for this purpose in the fitting tool. Then place the button of jeans in the large tip on the installation tool, face against the tip. Press the button until you hear a click. On the small tip, place the studded part of the automatic button, taking care to position it with the studded side towards you. Again, press until you click. Your equipment is now ready to use.

Replace the button on your jeans

The second step is to apply the button on the jeans. To do this, place the installation tool where the old button was positioned. The small end with the studded side must be placed at the back of the actu: 739845 fabric. Pass the actu: 739845 fabric through the nail, passing it through the hole made by the old button. Close the installation tool to match the automatic button to the nail. When your tool is properly positioned, use a few hammer blows to drive the nail in. Remove the installation tool. Your new button is now in place. By following the process explained by Céline Leridon, you will find a jean closure like new. Watch the video How to replace the button on your jeans? on Produced by Minute Facile