Furniture and accessories play with the colors of Brazil

Furniture and accessories play with the colors of Brazil

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Football World Cup requires, the decor is in tune with this unmissable event and takes on the colors of Brazil. From furniture to accessories, the score echoes vibrant sounds against the backdrop of dynamism. Cheerfulness is therefore required with yellow, blue and green as the main threads. Kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom offer a colorful and rhythmic atmosphere, evocative of an ola full of zeal. Viva Brasil!

Yellow for pep

Indisputably trendy, yellow takes over the decor of the living room and the kitchen, from the child's bedroom to the playroom. On the walls, on the windows, on the sofa he floods each room with a luminosity full of warmth. The accessories are not to be outdone: from the lamp to the cushions, the yellow comes in different more or less vivid tones. As for the predominantly yellow table linen, it brings a nice tart note to meals taken with family or friends. To play the Brazilian card, you punctuate it with a few touches of green. Of course, it's time to liven up the decor with a few reproductions of contemporary Brazilian art and to honor artists such as De Oliveira Zaira or even Seemann Marcos Rogerio Dalforno.

Photo credits: La Redoute

Green because we believe in it

Green, the color of hope, is also symbolic of the Amazon rainforest. Also supporters of the France team can play the card of hope by inviting green in their interior decor. A delicate color, however, which is not recommended for a total look. We can therefore play on different shades of green, and take the opportunity to bring nature into the house. A lawn mat will welcome fans of the round ball eager to follow the frenzied matches. To associate with a plant wall of the most beautiful effect only consisting of plants with variegated foliage of green and yellow and plants with yellow flowers. To make the decor brighter, just add a few colored, plain or striped cushions to match equally warm curtains.

Photo credits: Truffaut / La Redoute

The Blue Sky of Rio

Another essential color for a Brazilian decor: blue. It evokes both the sky of Rio de Janeiro and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. This color, which is particularly easy to integrate into the decoration, is ideal for bringing a touch of soothing. So we put it in the bedroom but not only. The bathroom can be azure blue with sun yellow touches. Some accessories and bathroom linen can be chosen in shades of green to use the three colors of Brazil. In the different rooms of the house, the walls of some masks decorated with blue feathers, representative of the most popular Brazilian festival: the Rio Carnival, remain to be decorated. Finally, to refine the decor for Brazil, why not take inspiration from the talent of a few contemporary designers specializing in modern furniture, such as Tenreiro. Some specimens of absolute lightness, found in the dedicated flea markets will inevitably find their place in an atmosphere full of exoticism.

Photo credit: La Redoute