How to arrange a laundry room and make it pleasant?

How to arrange a laundry room and make it pleasant?

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Question from Isabelle:


Answer: an easy-to-live floor and storage space

Hello, having a laundry room at home is a real asset, and yours is 30 m² more! You will be able to group your washing machine, your dryer, your ironing board ... and free up space in the other rooms of the house like the kitchen or the bathroom! On the floor, choose parquet or waxed concrete tiles for more modernity, which can be easily cleaned. Tiling will also avoid unpleasant surprises in case of water damage. After the machines, think of storage by installing shelves on the wall for laundry, stain removers (do not hesitate on the number, you will always need it). Think of the large wicker baskets to put dirty and clean non-ironed laundry. Finally, if you still have a little space, it would also be useful to have a wardrobe to store the shirts just ironed and not yet stored in your cupboards. Make sure your laundry room is well lit for more comfort when ironing. You too, send us your decoration question


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