Decorative shopping to accessorize the bed

Decorative shopping to accessorize the bed

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Don't think that your bed is just a useful part of your bedroom. On the contrary, in the center of the room, it turns out to be one of the essential elements of the decoration of your room. So, we pamper it and accessorize it cocooning version.

We multiply cushions and pillows

When you enter a hotel room, what makes the effect is often the perfectly made bed and its many pillows that give volume to the whole. At home, you can take inspiration from hotel rooms and look after the presentation of your bed. We therefore take up the trick of pillows by doubling their number and placing them almost straight at the head of the bed. Also note that without multiplying the pillows, some cushions will also give volume and dress the entire bed in style. The plus with the cushions: you can change them regularly to give a new atmosphere to the room.

We adopt a quilt, trend of the season

This season, the cocooning trend is confirmed and crystallized in the comforter, a small down that settles at the foot of the bed to warm the feet and the atmosphere. Inherited from our grandmothers, it offers a makeover and becomes the ideal decorative accessory for a warm decoration. And today, they are ultra decorative and allow to introduce a little fantasy on the bed thanks to patterns or a different color from the rest of the bed linen. It will also be the ally of the more cautious who will no longer be cold feet!